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Namkook Birthday Event
September 2021

Video Recap

Army, let's look back at the fun memories we made together during the event!
From the post-it and ducky games, to learning the Permission to Dance choreo and our iconic fashion show, we made our universe together. 



Subway Olympics

We played 2 games from the BTS on Jimmy Fallon Subway Olympics: the post-it game and the ducky game. 

For the post-it game, each team had to stick as many post-it notes as possible on 1 person.

The ducky game involved making the other person drop the ducky from the back of their hand while making sure yours didn't fall off first.

Army, you're seriously talented at both of these games!! (Although we're not sure how you could leverage this talent in any useful way... )



'Cos we don't need Permission to Dance

Wow army, you can dance!! We were so impressed with how quickly you picked up the choreography for PtD. Even if you thought it was going too fast, we hope you enjoyed it and had as much fun as we had. In the end, that's all that matters!



Random Dance Play

If the PtD choreo learning impressed us, you army's dancing during rdp was on a whole other level! Dope, Idol, Dynamite, Butter...these are only some of the choreos that you master flawlessly! Could you please come round and teach us sometime?

BTS Fashion Show

We asked for your best BTS outfits...and you delivered! You delivered lewk after lewk after lewk, it was incredible.

Thanks to all participants, you were all absolutely fabulous. In the end, the crowd could only choose 2 winning teams: daechwita and respect! *applause* 



Photo Booth

What better way to make lasting memories than with photos? It was heartwarming to see all of you capture  precious moments with old and new friends. Check this link for all the photo booth pics! 📸


Thank you all for joining this amazing event! It was really, really fun. Don't take our word for it, though:

Translation: You made sure that we're constantly in contact with each other now! Really nice

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